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Why Cloud Optimization?

Maximize your business benefits by optimizing the cloud cost spent and architecture review with the help of best cloud talent and cost optimization tools.

OTS Cloud Optimization Services

Cloud Design

reword the auto-scaling sentence We find different ways to optimize your cloud design. Our cloud-native designs help to tailor cloud spending to your business.

Limit Data Transfer Fees

Our team suggests tips to minimize your data transfer fees by adding cost allocation tags to instances and load balancers.

Operational management

We optimize your cloud without implementing design changes. Our analysis helps you to determine resource usage versus capacity.

Track Spending

We track the amount you spend for every user, service, instance, resource type, cloud environment, etc. using AI tools.

Identify Unused Resources

Our cloud cost management solutions help you to find unused resources to eliminate unnecessary expenses.

Reporting and cleanup

We help you to examine cloud fleet composition to find different opportunities in cloud optimization.


We provide metric measurements required to improve cloud optimization.

Maximize Returns on Cloud Investments

Sign Up

You can sign up and create an account specific to the cloud services you need ex. AWS or Azure

Add Services

You can add all the services you need to determine the estimated cost.


We advise you with the best of our cloud services at low cost and high productibility.

Cloud Optimization Benefits

Meaningful Insights

OTS Solutions helps you find visibility on tags, accounts, usage type, workload, and more.

Measure Cloud Efficiency

Our cloud solutions help you to find the areas where you can minimize the cost and enhance productivity.

Expanded Cloud ROI

We provide measures to help you to increase cloud utilization against your investment in cloud infrastructure.

Our Offerings

OTS provides the best cloud cost optimization for different cloud platforms

Cost Usage & Explore

Helps you to understand and manage your cloud costs and optimizes cloud infrastructure.

Pricing Calculator

Helps you plan and manage your cloud costings based on different pricing models.

Cost Management + Billing techniques

Helps you manage your cloud billing account; monitor and control cloud expenses.

Why Choose OTS Cloud Experts?

OTS certified cloud experts provide you with a complete understanding of your current cloud.

Unified view

Obtain your cloud perspective for all your cloud accounts.

Real-time Data-Driven Guidance

Methods to analyze the scalability within your cloud.

Actionable Recommendations

Suggest the best cost optimization techniques, migration techniques, cloud architecture, and other crucial processes involved.

Cloud Customization for Different Industries


Cloud cost optimization techniques ensure more security scalability and business agility in the healthcare sector. These strategies help in implementing reliable disaster recovery.

Travel and Tourism

Cost optimization techniques provide several ways to find mismanaged resources and ways to optimize them.
Cloud cost optimization strategies help in rightsizing the resources and making use of spot instances, etc. Cloud computing helps in managing and scaling manufacturing processes.
These strategies help educational information systems to work effectively without spending much capital on computers and network devices.
In this industry, with the help of cloud optimization techniques, we can enhance the speed to market and easily scale up and down when required.
Cloud optimization techniques lower the operational cost in this sector and increase the processing speed and security of the system.

Efficient Cloud Solutions

Current Challenges

Cloud Optimization Solution

Our team of experts provides strategies to manage and optimize your cloud costs. To enhance visibility, our team suggests the best cloud architecture and uses cost optimization tools. These tools help to find areas where the spending is inaccurate and then optimize the cost of your cloud.

Analyze and Take Action for Your Business!

OTS solutions help you to understand the existing cloud and take further actions to optimize it. Connect with us if you want to know our best practices in cloud optimization.
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