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Why Digital Engineering?

Product or Digital Engineering uses data and technology to lead business impact using digital transformation techniques. From creating new IOT based devices to AI driven soft products, brands are changing customer experience using efficient digital engineering techniques.

Our Capabilities in R&D Services

We at OTS Solutions build new strategies to support software development, design, development, testing, etc.

Digital Product Engineering Mindset

OTS solutions come with a wide variety of innovations in the software development process for enterprises. We possess certified experts in the latest technologies that help you to make amazing innovative products.

We take care of the entire life cycle of a product from planning to design, from development to maintaining the product for you. 

OTS Software Product Engineering Services!

Our unique services help you in building products to fulfill your business requirements.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Solutions

We possess experience in developing outstanding AI and ML-based products for your enterprise.

Internet of Things Solutions

OTS can help you develop IOT-based systems for seamless operations across verticals that connect to everything to cutting-edge sensors and data processing systems.

Data Analytics

Predictive analytics helps you in deciding how the firm should respond to the changes.


It helps in improving the software development cycle. DevOps helps you in building high-quality products faster.

Enterprise Applications

Our team creates mission-critical, scalable applications for enterprises to satisfy their business needs.

5G Services

We leverage 5g solutions using IoT, AR/VR, AI, and cloud. We specialize in designing, developing, and managing high-performance and scalable solutions.

SaaS Solutions

OTS SaaS solutions help you manage a remote workforce and reduce the upfront cost of software installation.

Digital Manufacturing

With the use of digital manufacturing technologies, we optimize the processes to lower the operation cost and boost the productivity of various manufacturing stages by integrating them seamlessly.

Changing Digital Engineering Landscape

OTS’s automation solutions have better quality and security. These solutions possess higher production rates.
Our innovation in existing strategies helps our clients to outperform rivals and take the lead in their industry.
Our strategies boost your business position in terms of quality and functionality.
We help you in building strategies to understand your market better.

Our Offerings!

Our product engineering consultants implement Product engineering for various industries. Contact us to discuss your requirements in detail.


Digital Engineering for Education Industry

In the education sector, it helps in the creation of more secure applications with seamless communication for students and professors. Digital engineering contributes to creating more personalized engineering solutions in the education sector.


To establish an integrated approach to manufacturing, from design to production to the final product, with the help of manufacturing technologies across all sectors.


Digital Engineering is transforming the healthcare industry. Healthcare providers can connect with and treat patients with diseases that have previously been difficult to diagnose with the help of advanced technologies.


Digital Engineering for Travel and Hospitality Industry

Digital engineering can help the travel and hospitality industry to improve guest experience, customer loyalty and rewards, booking engine integrations, etc. OTS Solutions can help you in performing research and development to decide the technologies and tools that fit best for your requirements.

Why Choose OTS for Product Engineering Services?

Our digital engineering experts help you with real-time modifications to increase your visibility which makes new strategy execution easier. OTS Solutions has 20+ years of experience in product engineering. If you are hunting for the best engineering solutions company, then you must contact us!

Different Industries We Cater!

We have 20+ years of experience serving different industries at our best and look forward to collaborating with new industries to enhance our expertise and reach.

Manufacturing Industry

Retail and Distribution


Healthcare Industry

Banking and Finance

Travel and Hospitality

Our Technology Stack!

Java Application Development
Node.js Application Development
PHP Application Development
React Native App Development

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