Healthcare is often said to have experienced the slowest digital and technology transformation in years.

We believe that the transformation though slow compared to other industries is very vital to not just business but overall mankind. With pressures from businesses internally and externally, it is however today becoming inevitable for the players to innovate or get eaten by disruptors booming all around the world.OTS has helped both startups that are looking to disrupt on how the care can be improved and big companies that are veterans in the field by helping them innovate into platforms & products with rich user experiences.


OTS has worked on solutions in the healthcare industry that have touched the full spectrum of patients, providers & payers. We today work with companies of all sizes from industry offering them unmatched value and experience through:​

Innovation Planning & Development

OTS helps companies that are small to big in leading the innovation by building applications that not only improves the patient experience but also make it easier for providers and payers to integrate better and securely.

Digital Transformations

Businesses today are looking to transform they do businesses and bring more digitalization into their products and processes. OTS is helping some large names in leading these digital transformations across the breadth and width of the whole organization.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are at the helm of any digital transformation happening at businesses today. We lead companies in assessing their user needs and help them building mobile apps for the health organizations that can get them more close to their consumers and have higher availability & reach with them.


EMR / EHR (Electronic Medical / Health Records) is a very important and vital step for any player taking part in healthcare industry. OTS helps in implementing market standard EMR / EHR solutions for client organizations enabling to serve their patients better and be totally integrated with the payer needs simultaneously.

Practice Management

OTS has helped many practices across the country by crating custom and implementing standard solutions that help them serve their patients with same dedication, processes, quality and price points across multiple locations.

Risk Reduction

With the needs of government pushing the insurance & payers to cut on their costs significantly, it has become inevitable for them to help their members in reducing the risks of future complications by providing supporting applications to stay healthy. OTS Solutions has helped in creating such end user apps that helps overall health of the members and users.


Surgical Trays Management & Training Software for Hospitals

Developing mobile web based application that can be accessed and is highly optimized for iPad viewing. Application allows administrator to add the various Facilities (Hospitals) and their surgical tray compositions, then map the instrument in to the tray so that tray inspector of different facilities can review their trays. The main challenges are achieving higher surgical efficiency and patient safety.

Backoffice Management Software for Hospitals

Developing tablet based application that can be accessed and is highly optimized for iPad viewing. Application should also run seamlessly on any web browser. Application should allow administrator to add the Facilities (Hospitals), Products, Physicians, Procedures etc.

Healthcare Foundation Information App

To show the information about foundation and its initiatives using the mobile version of the website in controlled app environment.

Pharmaceutical Company Sales Rep Mapping

Client has a distributed team of medical sale representatives that they want to map to regions and consultants and groups around the country.

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