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Technology world has changed and is changing rapidly in terms of creating, storing and accessing the applications.

Be it business applications or consumer applications, no one wants to invest in large costs around creating data centers and maintaining them anymore.With the expansion of internet and bandwidth most of it is done today on cloud using virtual access and has expanded the reach of large business applications, that otherwise always seemed inaccessible for the cost to small and medium businesses.OTS is helping companies create, revisit or implement cloud strategies for their applications. Businesses today are looking to maximize their investment returns by using applications, infrastructure or even platforms using cloud.



OTS understands that each business may have different objectives while deciding on the cloud strategy. This is the reason our approach is tailored as per the needs and nature of our clients. With our step by step proprietary blueprint, we help devise cloud strategies that are scalable, secure and grow with the needs of your business.

Partner Suggestions

With our strong partnerships with leading loud providers in Infrastructure, Platform and Software side, OTS is able to offer exclusive support and suggest the cloud vendors that will work in synch with your overall goals and resources needed by the applications across organization.

Solution Design

OTS designs the perfect cloud solution for your organization to spread across departments and offer integrated mix of business and technical requirements.

Cloud Porting

OTS has helped many clients in porting their legacy applications to support or completely modernize them to move with high availability cloud providers.

Cloud Deployments

OTS offers its expert services in deploying the applications and move data from legacy data centers to hybrid cloud infrastructure for the client businesses.

Support & Monitoring

OTS offers managed cloud support services to businesses that need experts available round the clock for their users and make sure that their cloud applications are available all the time.
Microsoft Azure Cloud Services
aws managed services
Google Cloud Managed Services


Surgical Trays Management & Training Software for Hospitals

Developing mobile web based application that can be accessed and is highly optimized for iPad viewing. Application allows administrator to add the various Facilities (Hospitals) and their surgical tray compositions, then map the instrument in to the tray so that tray inspector of different facilities can review their trays. The main challenges are achieving higher surgical efficiency and patient safety.

Retail POS Integration with ecommerce website

To Integrate and Support Microsoft RMS POS with osCommerce web based website.

HR Feedback Enterprise Application

To develop an application that allow Staff in an Organization to ask questions to the senior management keeping their identity safe in the knowledge that they cannot be identified that can raise any issues.

Shipping & Courier Matching Portal

The client was looking to create a web-based portal that will allow the shippers to find other vendors or brokers who may have empty space or bandwidth at anytime to carry the load. The application came to us half built not matching to client requirements with many new requests and enhancements proposed.

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