Publishing industry is one the most rapidly changing industries of these times.

Gone are the days when the content creation had to wait long cycles to finally get published and sold in the market. Today’s publishing companies are in need to find good content creators, make the content market ready and publish in not just paper but also electronic format.OTS works with big names of the industry across the globe in helping them with full cycle from content creation to publishing and marketing. Full spectrum of our services helps us to serve small and large players of publishing industry in books, journals, magazines and newspapers.In the past years OTS has helped many customers by introducing or optimizing their technology and manage their businesses with help of latest innovations. OTS today boasts to be working and providing IT and software solutions to many known players of the industry across the globe.


Publishers of modern era have no option but to change from their soon getting obsolete ways of bringing content to sales by investing in necessary new age technology innovations. OTS offers its software solutions to full spectrum of industry, such as book publishers, journal publishers, newspapers, and magazines. With widespread requirements of these different flavors of publishing companies, OTS has been offering innovative and tailored software solutions as per the individual needs of these publishing companies spread by:

Publishing Workflow

OTS offers unique automated software solution helping publishing companies define and control the publishing workflow in their organization. It has helped many of our customers leverage electronic collaboration between geographically spread writers and authors to create content and publish it in shortest possible cycles through various mediums of books, magazines, journals and newspapers.

Sales & CRM

OTS helps publishing organizations provide innovative sales software and customer relationship management tools to their in field sales representatives across globe saving costs and taking orders in most efficient and highly productive manner.

Adverts & Digital Media

Large part of publishing industry thrives on possibility of using advertisement medium to keep the costs of selling content low for general public. OTS has helped many such publishing customers to bring the innovation of electronic digital medium in their regular advertising revenue streams. We automate incorporating digital media and advertising tracking platforms for such publishing companies forming an integral part of their selling strategy in the modern times.


Tablet Based Showcase App for Publishing House

To develop windows based tablet and desktop application that allows the user to carry the whole database of the books of the customer on the go. The publisher with millions of complex records in ever growing database required all the books and products should be available to their customer sales representatives at all times. Solution Offered:

Windows 8 Desktop Reader App for Magazines

The Client already had iOS app and wanted us to create a windows app using the same web service interfaces as available for the iOS apps. The application was supposed to be installed and shipped for Windows 8 environment. The payments and other features from the iOS app were to be ported to this win8 app as well.

Books Selling Website

To create an online selling website focused on selling the books for the client.

Web Based Product Suggesting Tool

To create a Q&A web component that can help a user to find the book by providing answers to questions asked by the wizard.

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