Manufacturers are always struggling with thin margins and ability to operate in growing scales.

The needs of manufacturing organizations vary and are changing with rapidly shifting macro economic world in which they operate.From material and production planning to optimize the inventory needs and greater sales efficiencies are some of the major painful business needs for our manufacturing clients. OTS with its experience of past years has helped many such companies in mastering these challenges through our software solutions.OTS has been helping small to large manufacturing companies with software solutions that are created as per their unique needs for production, quality control, marketing efficiency, dealership management, smart inventory, sales & customer management and digital age manufacturing.


OTS has been instrumental for manufacturing organizations by operating and serving many segments of the industry through our unique and tailored solutions:

Production Planning

It is amazing to understand how material, resource and production planning formed the base of today’s large-scale business software ERP solutions. OTS has been working or years in helping manufacturing organizations implement best practices and software solutions that help them to optimize the resource usage and plan the production in advance as per sales and inventory forecasts of their products.

Quality Control

Today’s physical products need to be tested for quality parameters that the brand of manufacturer stands for. Customers today take best quality for granted being offered by modern manufacturing companies. OTS has helped large scale manufacturing companies in mixing the hardware blend with software to analyze the products on various quality standards set by the organizations.

Internal Training

Organizations today are no longer stuck to one geography but want to sell across continents and locations. The new mantra is to go local and tap new markets with innovation being backbone of their growth. With such spread of workforce, it is important for new human managers of organizations to offer training platforms through their respective intranet portals. OTS has helped companies reduce the cost by offering platforms for online training using virtual classrooms in highly collaborative ways. Such trainings are being controlled and managed through software solutions offered by OTS bringing desired high outputs through the people of such organizations.

Inventory & Supply Chain

Just in Time’ and ‘Zero Inventories’ have been long standing principles for manufacturing companies to operate. With these principles as base layout, OTS offers effective and efficient ways of managing the inventory and supply chain of modern manufacturing companies. From in house multiple warehouse management to dealership network and secondary sales visibility, OTS offers unique blend of software solutions for these needs of manufacturing companies.

Business Intelligence

Manufacturers of today don’t want to sit on piles of inventory through periods when sales are lower or for the products whose sales are always on decline. OTS does such analysis of trends on historic data and provide efficient ways of enhancing profitability and sales for our clients. Implying our technical skills in performing intelligence across business data is core of our BI practice and today helps many of our clients gain that advantage on regular basis.


Manufacturing Quality Checking & Tracing Software

Customer wanted to check the quality of the product they wanted to create in their newly operational facility at each production stage using software. They were looking for the software to integrate with barcode and quality sensor and tools and provide reports to top management on quality checks.

Enterprise Facilities Management Software Product

To create and manage desktop based application and can be connected with various database options like MySQL and Oracle. The application as planned to have over 200 forms helping enterprise users to manage all aspects of the facilities with some part of enterprise content management.

Software For Temperature Controller Device

To develop and check software for an industry used temperature controller device. Following features were expected from the software: To set max and min with alarm Temp can be seen in two (2) modes - Celsius and Fahrenheit

Web Based Enterprise Inventory Product

The client is interested in the development of a software product that can be used for almost all kind of inventory management process. Further, it must have possible integrations with payment gateways and accounting systems like XERO etc.

Billing Notification Software

The client had a large number of customers (5000+) always complaining on missing the bills and not receiving them on time. The client wanted to be able to send the bills automatically every month and then notify them on payment status on monthly basis.

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