Seamless Data Migration

Enhance your infrastructure with enterprise data migration services

Why Data Migration?

Be it simply moving your data and applications from on-premise servers to cloud completely or more complex migration with hybrid and multi cloud involvement, OTS is your partner to perform data migration that work without any loss of business.

Data Migration Process

Before migration, our team understands the format and location of existing data. This helps us to spot any potential risks that need to be fixed before the migration process.
We conduct advanced analysis of existing and new systems and ensure that migration will interfere with business operations. In this step, we also understand the scope of your project in detail.
We perform safe and secure data backup strategies. In case of data migration failure, we can ensure the correctness of data by restoring it to the original state.
We execute the data migration plan. We start with extracting the data from the source, cleaning it, and then transforming it to the desired format. Finally, load it to the target system.
After completing the migration process, we test the final system. Our goal is to ensure the security and correctness of the data.
We audit the target system and spot if there is any corrupt, missing, or incomplete data. If so, we can restore it from the data backup.

Data Migration Solutions

Our data migration solutions and strategies ensure our client’s success.


Database migration

This migration requires upgrading or moving the data between same or two separate versions of same database management system.


Application Migration

In this migration, the software applications are migrated from one computing environment to another.


Data Center Migration

This migration requires the movement of legacy data center infrastructure to the new physical environment.


Business Process Migration

In this migration, business processes and applications are migrated to a different environment.


Storage Migration

When data is transferred from one storage medium to another. We carry out the process in three phases, the Planning phase, the migration phase, and the validation phase.


Website Migration

In this migration, we move all the outdated web pages to the new ones to reduce any detrimental effects on your rankings.

Data Migration Tech Stack

Amazon Web Services
google cloud services
Microsoft Azure Services

Data Migration Tools

On-premises Tools

Data and information can be migrated to and from databases and servers without moving it to the cloud.


We migrate data between two clouds or from legacy infrastructure to the cloud.

Why Choose OTS for Data Migration?

Industry Standards

We are aware of the best practices. Our data migration specialists often work with the set standards and can spot problems early, allowing you to reduce the risks.

Project Scoping

Project scoping involves factors including resources, data quality, timelines, and data migration tools necessary to finish the data migration process successfully. Our main objective is to locate risks and gaps.


We have tried and tested methodologies for your project. We cover all the key stages of the data migration process.


We have domain experts who possess experience with the data migration process. We ensure the correctness of your data migration process.


Our team is well-versed with the latest tools and technologies used in the migration process.

Looking for the Best Data Migration Services Company?

Our data migration strategies and tools are extensive. We help your business by completing cloud data migration and on premises data migration services migration successfully and quickly.
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