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Why Cloud Architecture Review?

It helps businesses to determine the best cloud practices and how to raise the standards of their cloud architecture to achieve scalability, cost targets, robustness and security requirements.

Cloud Architecture Review

OTS cloud architecture review helps you to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your existing cloud architecture.

Reduces the complexity of the system with manageable techniques.
Identify potential risks or obstacles to the solutions and determine the solutions based on that.
Our solutions help you to visualize governance and compliance data as per your architecture.
Experts at OTS help you in managing your budget by identifying utilized resources and other crucial factors that affect the cost of your cloud system.
Our Solutions help you to choose smart choices that align with your business goals.
Application containerization allows developers to create and deploy applications faster and more securely.

Choose us for your next Cloud Architecture Review?


Our review helps you to gain deep insights and then use the information to achieve your business goals.


Our solutions help you to work with real-time data and fulfill business needs.


Our review helps you in being more prepared with latest changes and reach new scales in your infrastructure.

Architecture Review Measures

While performing a cloud architecture review, our experts work on the following points.


Safeguards data using several techniques for risk management and data confidentiality.

Performance Efficiency

Perfectly utilize computing resources as demand changes with development.


Assurance of how system failures and interruptions are to be avoided.

Cost Optimization

It involves analyzing expenditure to meet business requirements.

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Why choose OTS Solutions?

Experts in OTS can help you in every step to perform cloud architecture review process. 

Our Cloud Architecture Assessment

Experts in OTS can work on several factors while evaluating your cloud system.  

Our Assessment helps you understand the requirements to handle the desired workload to achieve business needs.
We provide strategies to utilize your cloud account productively to offer the best cloud architecture.
We help you to manage the deployment workload with the help of our cloud-certified experts.
Our experts help you to manage your spending on cloud solutions.

We Serve different Industries!

OTS Solutions experiences collaborating with different industries and seeking new opportunities for more.

Cloud Architecture Review for Manufacturing Industry

With our Agile approach to reviewing your existing cloud architecture, we help to identify issues and pain points. Our experts suggest the solution as per your need.

Cloud Architecture Review for Healthcare Industry

Our experts help our clients in creating solutions with enhanced interoperability, productivity, and safety. Moreover, we also provide the best suggestions during your existing cloud architecture review.

Cloud Architecture for Education Industry

Our cloud architecture framework helps you to achieve your primary and secondary goals in the education industry. Our applications in the education industry help in improving digital and physical access to resources.

Cloud Architecture for the Retail and Distribution Industry

Our cloud services encourage automation in the retail industry that helps in cost-cutting, providing real-time access to inventory data, and more.

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