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Why Legacy Application Modernization?

Application modernization is the practice of updating older software and technology stack with newer tech approach, including newer languages, frameworks, infrastructure and platforms.

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Need of Application Modernization

OTS helps you with the most appropriate technology stack selection process according to your business goals to transform your existing applications.

Enhance User Experience:

Make your users fall in love with your technology again. We help in overhauling your customer and user experience completely with design thinking, usability testing and modern designs.

Reduces Costs

Modernized software is a cost-effective solution and requires less maintenance in longer run.

Improves Security

Modernized applications are more secure and less prone to vulnerabilities.

Enhance performance

Modernizing legacy applications comes with the latest features to provide faster outcomes for the user.

Increases compatibility

It enhances interoperability with new technologies, tools, and frameworks, and so helps in increasing the demand for your application.

How can OTS help ?

OTS can help you in finding the best processes for cloud application modernization, enterprise application modernization, and many more. Contact us for more details.



OTS Solutions help you to redesign your software products with new computing concepts.



Our measures will help you to rebuild your software to enhance its maintainability



Our experts help you to optimize your existing system by re-coding.



Our application modernization platforms improve the internal code of the system.



Our cloud computing specialists help you with the right cloud strategy to migrate your existing system to the cloud.
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Why choose OTS Solutions?

OTS Solutions application modernization services help its clients to create and update their applications into more responsive, future-ready, and efficient systems.

OTS Solutions' DevOps Agile Methodology to transform your Legacy Applications

Developers integrate the code frequently throughout the development process.

Continuous Deployment

A strategy in which the code changes are released automatically to the production environment.

Continuous Testing

Your application is tested continuously throughout the SDLC.
Our experts automate the software release cycles. Rather than delivering the whole project, we deliver it in modules.
We divide the work into sprints. These sprints contain planning meetings, daily scrum calls, and review retrospection.

OTS Solutions Technologies in Application Modernization

Our experts are certified in the latest technologies and tools. To know more details, contact us today.
Clients can utilize a few popular DevOps techniques to accelerate and enhance product launches. They take the shape of approaches and procedures for software development.
Containers improve efficiency and use fewer system resources than conventional environments.
We help our clients to migrate from the existing system to the cloud with the latest tools and technologies. Our clients can access services from any location.
Orchestration helps you with the fast delivery of your product, lowers the cost of delivery and increases the reliability of deployments.

Different Industries We Cater!

We have 20+ years of experience serving different industries at our best and look forward to collaborating with new industries to enhance our expertise and reach.

Want to transform your Legacy Applications?

Get in touch with our experts today to understand more about our services. Let us help you in your application modernization process.