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Pillars of User Experience

User Research

This aids our UI and UX designers to understand the users' objectives, needs, and motives in detail. Then our designers develop personas based on the research to design products.

Interaction and Graphic Design

OTS's goal is to make products that help users accomplish their goals as effectively as possible. Graphic design improves product adoption and loyalty to persuade the customer to utilize their goals.

Usability Testing

In this testing, we test your product directly with users. It helps us to understand the interactive design of

Best User experience and User Interface Services


Improves Customer Retention

Customer retention is more for the companies that deliver high value and smooth interactions.


Increases Interaction

Users are more inclined to interact with a brand if they perceive it to be simple, clear, and valuable.


Improves Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty depends on the UI and UX design. The more consistent the design of your product, the more loyal your customer base be.


Accurate Prototyping

Customers find it appealing when the interface elements are properly placed. Prototyping helps in identifying the main direction of design.

Delivering Engaging Product User Experiences

OTS helps you in your audience selection. UX and UI design differs with the target audience.
We help you to decide the scope, and visibility of your product. So, that we can design your product in the right direction.
Our experts are certified UI and UX designers. You need to help us with your requirements. Rest all the activities to complete your project will be taken care of by our experts.
Our OTS team helps you to decide on icons, color themes, styles, information architecture, layouts, etc.
We help you with the best prototyping tool to create your product’s prototype.

Future Ready User Experiences

UX Design

Its purpose is to provide a seamless experience to the product users.

UX Research

Research is to gather the requirements of users and then put those insights to improve products, services, or software.

Dashboard Design

Dashboards in UI design facilitate the customer retention rate.

UX Motion

It helps in developing a more natural experience by adding interaction design.

UX Audit

UX audit helps you to understand what your customer needs and how to fulfill their requirements.

Sprint Workshop

Process to discuss the most critical business-related questions through prototyping and testing ideas with customers.

Brand Design

In user interface design, to boost brand awareness and leverage the interface as an extra flow of user attraction, brand design is crucial.

UX Testing

Ux testing allows us to test the product directly on real customers.

Our Tech Stack

Adobe Photoshop

Tool used to edit images, graphic design, and art. Adobe Dreamweaver: Tool used to create and publish responsive web pages.

Adobe Illustrator

Tool used to create illustrations and drawings. Adobe XD: Design platform for developing graphic design elements.


Markup language for creating web pages. CSS: It helps you to define the functionality of the features.


Scripting language to create a consistent user interface. jQuery: It is a JavaScript library that makes the use of JavaScript easy on your website.


It is a web-based prototyping tool for your project.

Adobe XD

It has a built-in sharing and collaboration tool.

In Vision

It is a no-code prototyping tool for your project design.

Unmatched User Experience Offerings

Interface Design

Interface design includes the pinpoints where customers can interact with your product or software.


Illustration helps in adding value to the functionality to elevate your product.

Front-end development

Front-end developers work with UI designers to make the product interactive for customers.

SVG Animations

Scalable Vector Graphics, SVG is based on XML for 2D graphics. It makes the product scalable.

Icon Design

Icon describes the core idea of the product and helps in accomplishing the actions on the website.


It helps customers to understand complex concepts easily through visual aids.

User Interface

The user interface refers to elements through which users interact with the product. It comprises layout, visual design, and interactive elements such as buttons, checkboxes, radio buttons, dropdown lists, list boxes, toggles, text fields, etc.

User Experience

User experience is the experience the user has with the product. It talks about usability, storytelling, engagement, wireframes, prototype, etc. It is more focused on the overall journey of the user.

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