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Why Cloud Services?

Cloud service involve the deployment of cloud infrastructure and ongoing maintenance of cloud resources. To ensure a successful cloud implementation businesses should seek expertise in developing cloud solutions from certified cloud experts. The cost savings, accessibility, scalability, and security provided by cloud are indispensable.

What Cloud Management Services Do We Offer

The technology world has changed and is changing rapidly in terms of creating, storing, and accessing applications. We offer cloud consulting with focus on migrating, managing, monitoring, optimizing and securing your cloud investments.

Cloud Consulting Services

  • 01.
    Cloud Transformation Strategy

    Cloud transformation strategy and roadmap in cloud service is a crucial step towards digital transformation. It involves the implementation of the cloud infrastructure to enable seamless business operations, data storage, and accessibility anytime and anywhere.

  • 02.
    Cloud Architecture Review

    Our cloud architecture review consists of analyzing various areas, including security protocols, scalability, performance, and cost-effectiveness. By conducting regular cloud architecture reviews, we can better manage cloud environment and stay ahead of any potential issues.

  • 03.
    Cloud Capacity Planning

    Cloud capacity planning refers to the process of estimating the number of computing resources required to meet the demands imposed by cloud-based applications and services. It is a critical aspect of ensuring the scalability and reliability of cloud computing environments.

Cloud Professional Services

  • 01.
    Cloud Migration Services

    We offer robust features and are backed by a powerful reputation and years of experience in the industry. Our cloud migration services are cost-effective and scalable. Our best cloud migration services are based on specific needs and requirements.

  • 02.
    Cloud Optimization

    Our cloud optimization services include Amazon Web Services (AWS) Trusted Advisor, Microsoft Azure Cost Management, and Google Cloud Platform Cost Management. Our services provide effective tools and insights to enhance cloud performance and efficiency.

  • 03.
    Multi cloud infrastructure setup

    Multicloud infra setup and optimization services are crucial for businesses that rely on cloud computing to run their operations. This service ensures that the cloud infrastructure is properly integrated with the business needs, thus providing a seamless experience for end-users.

  • 04.
    Cloud Security

    Our cloud services are a comprehensive suite that protects your organization from a variety of threats, data breaches, malware attacks, and unauthorized access. Our cloud security service will depend on your specific security needs, budget, and technical expertise.

Cloud Managed Services

  • 01.
    Cloud services support

    Cloud services support refers to the assistance provided to customers in the form of technical guidance, troubleshooting, and maintenance for cloud-based solutions. As cloud technology gains more popularity, the need for reliable support services becomes increasingly important.

  • 02.
    Engineering services

    Site reliability engineering services are a set of practices and methodologies to ensure the reliability, availability, and scalability of web-based systems and applications. These services focus on minimizing downtime, improving system performance, and developing disaster recovery plans.

What Cloud Services Do We Offer

The technology world has changed and is changing rapidly in terms of creating, storing, and accessing applications. We offer cloud consulting, hosting, data storage, and backup, software as a service (SaaS).

Cloud Deployment

At OTS, we have support all major cloud deployment models: public, private, hybrid and multi-cloud.

Hybrid Cloud Deployment Model

A hybrid cloud deployment combines the benefits of both public and private clouds, allowing organizations to leverage the scalability and cost-effectiveness of public clouds and the security and control of private clouds.

Private Cloud Deployment Model

Private cloud deployment is owned and managed by the organization itself and is accessible only to authorized employees.
Cloud Deployment Models

Public Cloud Deployment Model

It is an approach that involves multiple cloud computing services from different providers. It allows you to select the best cloud service for each operation.

Multi-cloud Deployment Model:

It is an approach that involves multiple cloud computing services from different providers. It allows you to select the best cloud service for each operation.

Our Cloud Implementation Process

Our cloud implementation process ensures success for your business. Let us discuss the process in detail.

Cloud Assessment

Assess cost, existing architecture, security, and the potential risk factors associated with the cloud. This phase’s success is critical, as it sets the foundation for the organization’s overall cloud strategy.

Cloud Planning

During the planning phase, key decisions must be made on the type of cloud implementation best suited for an organization such as modernization, migration, and execution.

Cloud Infra and Services setup

This phase involves the configuration of the necessary infrastructure, such as servers, networks, and storage resources, required for cloud computing. Additionally, the deployment of cloud solutions such as SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS are set up in this stage.

Migration phase

During the cloud migration process, our IT team ensures the data and applications are moved smoothly without any impact on business continuity. The right plan for cloud migration is essential to avoid any disruption.

Leveraging the cloud

During this phase, cloud experts evaluate the deployed infrastructure, assess its efficiency, and identify areas for improvement. This includes balancing resource allocation, refining security settings, and streamlining processes to enhance the overall cloud environment.

Optimization phase

Businesses look to streamline their processes and improve efficiency. This is achieved by adopting automation, scalability, monitoring, and re-engineering for cloud integration services. We also look to integrate their existing systems with cloud-based platforms.

Our Cloud Managed Services Process

Managed cloud solutions are essential for businesses of all sizes. Let’s discuss our cloud managed services process in detail to see how we can help you get the most out of the cloud.

managed cloud service providers
This phase involves configuring the cloud environment and integrating it with the existing systems and processes of an organization. The setup phase includes defining the scope of the cloud environment, selecting the appropriate cloud services and providers, setting up the security policies and access controls, and connecting the cloud environment with the existing applications and systems.
This phase is responsible for the day-to-day management of a cloud environment. This phase involves monitoring the cloud environment for issues or anomalies, updating the software and hardware components, and increasing efficiency wherever possible. This phase ensures the environment is always running optimally and provides users with high availability, reliability, and performance.
During this phase, various techniques, tools, and methodologies are deployed to enhance cloud deployments, such as auto-scaling, resource allocation, performance tuning, and security assessment. Cloud Enhance allows businesses to identify potential performance bottlenecks, increase agility and flexibility, and identify cost-saving opportunities.
It covers the monitoring, management, and troubleshooting processes required to keep operations running smoothly. The support phase usually involves a team of experts who offer round-the-clock support through various means, including email, phone, and live chat. The specialists ensure that the Cloud infrastructure remains secure and updated, ensuring high uptime and quick resolution of issues.
This phase is crucial for ensuring that the cloud infrastructure operates efficiently and effectively and that any issues that arise are quickly addressed. During this phase, we will undertake tasks such as monitoring the cloud environment for potential system or performance issues, configuring security settings, and ensuring that updates and patches are installed promptly.

Different Clouds We Work With

Microsoft Azure Services

We offer features like automatic backups, disaster recovery, and the ability to run virtual machines. We provide access to tools and services that allow users to develop, test, and deploy applications with Azure.

Amazon Web Services

We provide cost-effective and highly efficient ways to use AWS as a go-to option for businesses who want to modernize their IT infrastructure and optimize their operations for maximum results.

google cloud services

Our strategies help our clients to make Cloud Cloud a solid choice for any organization looking for a dependable and efficient cloud solution.

Why Choose OTS Solutions for Cloud Engineering Services?

Explore Our Cloud Services

Reliability and availability of services are crucial factors for any cloud service provider. A good cloud service provider should have redundant infrastructure and high availability to ensure that their services are always accessible to customers.

Scalable and Flexible

A good cloud service provider should offer scalable and flexible computing and storage resources that are tailored to the needs of the customer. This means that the provider should have elastic resources that can be scaled up or down quickly.

Strong Data Security and Privacy Measures

Cloud service providers handle vast amounts of customer data daily, and customers expect their data to be secure and private. A good cloud service provider should have robust data security and privacy measures in place.

24/7 Customer Support Availability

A good cloud service provider will offer 24/7 customer support availability. This means that their support team is readily available to assist with any issues or inquiries, regardless of the time of day. It is important to ensure that the provider offers multiple channels of support, such as phone, email, and live chat, to ensure that you can easily reach them as needed.


HR Feedback Application

Hudson Capital Advisors

Hudson Capital Advisors, a premium investment bank, was facing challenges with their existing private cloud infrastructure. After analyzing the problem, our expert team understood their needs. OTS provided Hudson with a comprehensive analysis of their existing infrastructure and recommended a customized solution that suited their specific needs. OTS played a crucial role in ensuring a successful migration from private to Azure cloud, helping to future-proof Hudson’s IT infrastructure.

Hospital Management Software

Global Merino

Global Merino, a fabric manufacturer and seller, migrated from private to the AWS cloud under OTS expertise. We understood their requirements and developed a customized plan for them. The benefits of this migration were multi-fold, including increased agility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness, and improved security and better disaster recovery measures. The success of this project was a testament to the importance and value of partnering with a knowledgeable and experienced technology service provider like OTS.

Shipping & Courier Portal

Colonial Adjustment Inc.

Colonial Adjustment Inc migrated from on-premises to cloud. We provided a thorough analysis of the migration process, including identifying potential challenges, risks, and opportunities. We developed a clear migration plan that outlined the necessary steps and resources required for a seamless transition. Nothing the existing issues, we understood that Colonial needs a successful transition to the AWS cloud while minimizing downtime and ensuring data security.

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Acclaim Audio

Acclaim Audio, turns content into audio using the AI tool ESION had revamped its current system with UI and backend features. We provided Acclaim Audio with the necessary tools to improve its autoscaling performance. Moreover, currently, we are building integration of the platform to allow third-party audio systems to connect to acclaim audio and use its feature through different marketplaces like Adobe, FastSpring, etc.

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