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Why Secure your Cloud?

Cloud security measures and tools ensure that your infrastructure, applications and products are easily accessible only to authorized users without any delays and  data losses.

Offering Efficient Cloud Security Solutions

Governance Risk

To meet your business needs, cloud security governance refers to the management model that makes it possible for effective security management and operations in the cloud environment.

Advanced Network Security

Helping you to identify and resolve common to advanced network security loopholes in the cloud environment including data breaches, system flaws, inadequate identity, and credential and access management.

Data Protection

We implement techniques for protecting our client’s data in cloud environment. We follow crucial steps to perform digital transformation to host your application and data in the cloud. Our technologies offer the capability of safely storing identity and profile.

Identify the Access Management

Our solutions make it safer to handle digital identities. We help in restricting user access to sensitive data within your organization by implementing IAM architecture in place.

Application Protection

Cloud application security necessitates a thorough strategy to protect the infrastructure it operates on.

Our Cloud Security Offerings

Cloud Security for Education Industry

Our cloud security solutions focus on safeguarding and maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of data. It ensures cloud security for the education sector by avoiding any challenges.

Cloud Security for Manufacturing Industry

Before building any solutions, we evaluate the potential risk areas. Our solutions provide best practices and work in an environment that protects your software against hacking.

Cloud Security for Travel and Tourism

Our Solutions provide cloud security managed service for the travel and tourism sector by using types of cloud security services by eliminating unwanted activities that hinder operations.

Cloud Security for Retail and distribution

We provide dynamic solutions to automate the operations in the retail and distribution sector. We help to build solutions that work under secured networks and infrastructure.

Cloud Security for Healthcare Industry

We provide compliance and cloud security solutions that provide real-time data analysis to secure the system against threats.

Security as a Service in Cloud Computing

We work with different cloud partners to serve our clients better. Want to know more about it? Let us schedule a call to discuss your requirements.

google cloud services

Google Cloud

Google cloud platform is offered by google and provides a suite of cloud computing services.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services

This cloud platform provides easy accessibility and manageability of data through its cloud computing services.

Microsoft Azure Services

Microsoft Azure

It is a cloud platform provided by Microsoft. It facilitates easy mobility and reliability.

Cloud Security benefits with OTS

Some of Top Benefits of our cloud data security solutions. 


Risk intelligence

We ensure methods, policies, and structure for evaluating and managing risks and threats. OTS Solutions helps in identifying areas where risks may significantly affect your business value.


Security Analytics

Security analytics is used to detect and resolve security incidents that hinder your IT system utilizing data. It provides methods to pinpoint the development of malware and other cyber threats.


Powerful and skilled team

We have trained experts that enhance collaboration and help you to achieve your goals. Our experts possess a deep understanding of business processes.

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