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Business Intelligence Approach


Start by clearly defining goals and identifying the key metrics you want to track.


Make sure to choose the right tools and technologies for your needs.

BI consulting

Consider working with the best consultants to ensure everything is set up properly.


This means monitoring your business metrics and adjusting processes as needed.

Business Intelligence Strategy

OTS helps you to invest in the right resources to support your strategic goals and improve decision-making processes.

Establish Clear Objectives

These objectives should align with the overall mission and strategy of the organization.

Access Data Management Systems

It is crucial to access the current data management systems to identify any areas of improvement.

Selection of Right technologies

It includes data visualization platforms, predictive analytics software, and data management systems according to the organization's need.

Protocols for Data Management

This includes setting up data governance policies, defining data quality standards, and regular data maintenance.

Skilled Team

This includes data analysts, data scientists, and IT professionals with experience in data management and analytics.

Phases in Business Intelligence


Data Management

Collecting, cleaning and storing data from various sources to manage warehouse that can be used for Business Intelligence.


Data Visualization

It provides a unique way of presenting data via charts and graphs to identify regional trends or consumer behaviors.


Business Analytics

We transform the data into insights that help you in growing your business.

Industry-Wide Business Intelligence Solutions

BI in Healthcare

By using business intelligence tools and techniques, healthcare organizations can identify opportunities to improve patient care and increase profitability.

BI in Education

In the education industry, BI is used to collect, store, report and analyze data to help institutions in smart decision-making.
In the manufacturing industry, BI is used to optimize production processes, improve supply chain management, and enhance customer satisfaction.
In the Travel and tourism industry, BI helps in deciding pricing strategies, customer service, operational efficiency, and risk management.
In the Retail and distribution industry, BI helps to optimize inventory levels, enhance customer engagement, and optimize supply chain operations to stay competitive in today’s market.

Benefits of Business Intelligence with OTS

Improved Decision-Making

Business intelligence can provide access to real-time data and analytics, making it easier for businesses to make decisions confidently.

Increased Efficiency

By automating certain processes and streamlining workflows, business intelligence tools can help organizations operate more efficiently and effectively.

Competitive Advantage

With access to timely and accurate data on market trends and customer behavior, businesses can identify opportunities more easily.

Better Customer Insights

By capturing and analyzing customer data, businesses can gain a deeper understanding of their target audience.

Cost Savings

By identifying inefficiencies, business intelligence can help businesses cut costs and optimize operations.

Business Intelligence Consulting

We use business intelligence dashboards such as strategic dashboards, operational dashboards, analytical dashboards, and tactical dashboards to analyze the data.
We help you to design the data warehouse for large-scale data storage and processing. This entails high-performance servers, large storage devices, and fast data transmission capabilities.
Our predictive analysis strategies involve the use of statistical algorithms, data mining techniques, and machine learning to identify patterns and predict future outcomes.
With our mobile BI services, organizations can monitor business metrics, such as sales performance, operational efficiency, and customer behavior to decide quickly.

Enhance your Business Intelligence Strategy

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