Top 7 Tips for Scaling Your Artificial Intelligence Strategy

Artificial Intelligence Strategy

There Are Top Seven Tips for Scaling Your Artificial Intelligence Strategy

In just the last few years. A large number of enterprises have started to work on incorporating an artificial intelligence strategy into their business. They have started pilot projects that are associated with machine learning algorithms and their role in improving certain aspects. Their business such as customer relationships and cyber security.

This investment in AI technology is expected to continue. However, the ability to scale AI technology is still being thwarted by business priorities that shift in the battle between different strategies. To help make your AI initiatives work when you scale them, consider implementing any of these top seven tips:

Create An In-House AI Department

Having an in-house AI team is going to be one of the ways that you’ll be able to scale your AI projects. By bringing in AI talent to specific divisions, you’ll have a strong team who can help with recruitment and retention. New teams and job descriptions relating to AI will need to be created by adding data scientists, data engineers and machine learning engineers to your staff.

Include Responsibility and Accountability

To successfully deploy AI projects in sensitive areas such as finance where following certain types of regulations is mandatory, you’ll need to build in accountability for specific factors that are related to mandated regulations. This provides a solution for these type of questions:

  • Who provides the accountability for the AI system?
  • Can your organization ensure that the decisions made by AI are accurate?
  • Are any compliance controls put in place?

By providing accountability for these type of questions, it will create transparency and responsible AI.

Practice Participatory Design

Another way to create a more sustainable solution that touches on building responsible AI is by basing it on participatory design, which includes the humans that are involved in actually using the final solution. For example, if a chatbot is going to be used in a call center to help reduce a workload for an employee, it’s best to have customers, an employee from the call center and a call center supervisor involved in the development process.

Set Up a Center of Excellence

It will also help if you set up an AI center of excellence that has the ability to provide leadership, support and research and act as a focus area. This may be in charge of the technology standards, techniques and vendors that are going to be used. It may also have the responsibility of developing a system for governance and accountability.

Start Small and Experiment

While you may want to create your artificial intelligence strategy as fast as possible, it does require some patience and experimentation. It’s best if you can create a small number of AI assets that are difficult to make. Tailor these assets so that they provide you with an advantage in your industry. This may require using specific data that has been carefully curated and used in AI application development.

Learning To Work Together

AI initiatives will work better when employees are involved in the process. Non-tech specialists can become citizen users who are educated with specific programs. They will learn how to use apps that are enhanced with AI. Power users can help identify any challenges and work with the AI specialists who are involved in AI application development. Data scientists will have the role of creating, deploying and managing the AI applications that are built.

Open Up Communications

When AI is implemented, it will make a significant impact on the enterprise. Communication should be opened up to explain how it is being aligned with the goals of your company. This is going to be important when working with employees who are already hearing rumors that they’re going to lose their jobs due to AI or for investors who are concerned about the value that’s actually being created with AI implementation.

The promise of AI is exciting. When implemented across specific processes in your business, it should help create growth and will probably help to get your business lean and agile. By using any or all of these tips, it will help with scaling your artificial intelligence strategy.

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