5 Important AI Predictions (For 2019) Everyone Need to Know

The Five Important AI Predictions For 2019

Five Important AI Predictions (For 2019) Everyone Needs to Know

The News about AI for 2019

Just one year ago, the words “artificial intelligence” or “AI” was rarely understood by average computer users. One year later, these are words on everyone’s lips. Now that AI has found a comfortable and useful niche in business and society. It is important to know the five AI predictions for 2019 everyone needs to know.

These include:

  1. AI will become a significant factor in government and politics
  2. Artificial intelligence will create jobs and expand job growth
  3. AI is expected to become more deeply embedded in the science, medical and global business and trade
  4. Artificial intelligence will evolve with greater AI transparency to resolve trust issues and lack of understanding
  5. AI will interface with custom software development such as Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri
  6. The Brave New World of AI
  7. In addition to the five AI predictions related to functionality and impact on business and society. Another prediction is the discovery of generic uses of AI that will show value in cost reduction, convenience and computer security.

AI was developed to simulate human intelligence as processed by the human brain through the use of computer systems and other machines.

AI has the ability to “learn” when information is acquired. Like the human brain. AI relies on reasoning to reach definite conclusions, approximations of conclusions, follow rules and directions for use of information acquired. A self-correction feature is another capability of AI.

These features have the potential to revolutionize how businesses perform many daily tasks. For example, Google already analyzes email for spam by analyzing email content. That appears suspicious or has been identified as originating from a known spam web address.

This is a very basic example of what AI can do when used with custom software applications like database information. Search, sort, retrieval and updating or deleting of data through the use of AI would make this task timely and cost-effective.

Additional Predictions for Business

Another example is the basic operation of e-commerce businesses. Algorithms are basic instructions used for a wide range of computer data input to control certain computer system features. AI relies on algorithms to implement hierarchical control used in an arrangement of software applications and devices.

An AI prediction for e-commerce is the benefit of determining customer shopping habits and preferences that will lead to more accurate market and sales analysis. This assumes algorithms used for AI will become more accurate and precise.

AI Partners in Business and Industry

For many in business and industry, acquiring an assistant like AI with cognitive reasoning features, portends a revolution in healthcare, medical, pharmaceutical, auto and transportation industries and related businesses.

AI could gather data on various drugs and make a determination on side effects before drugs are marketed. For drug researchers relying on AI as an assistant, AI would replace hundreds of hours of drug tests and would help drugs be released to market more expediently.

In the healthcare industry, AI as an assistant could compile medical history and information from hierarchical sources such as physicians or hospital medical data and track variables in vital signs and identify health risks.

The auto industry has already begun to design innovative safety features such as self driving vehicles, cruise control that automatically maintains a vehicle’s speed and lane detection systems that would aid drivers and avoid traffic accidents on crowded roadways. AI would assist in quantifying advancements of these features.

AI in Government

Transforming government to implement AI may be an innovation that will occur more gradually. Although, it was already tested in Tunisia and Indonesia.

In government, AI has the power to reduce election fraud, improve infrastructure design and provide greater government security for intelligence, military and defense strategies and foreign relations.

If there is a general government prediction related to AI. It is that it will likely be implemented initially where there is evidence of cost savings. In terms of actual governance, the use of AI would require funding for custom software development across several hierarchical levels of government departments.

The Future of AI is Here

All hi tech advancements such as the internet, GPS, driver-less automobiles and AI seem to grow as a result of hands on use with a proven track record of usefulness and functionality.

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