Sodality | Innovative App for Nonprofits by OTS Solutions

Sodality | Innovative App for Nonprofits by OTS Solutions
OTS Solutions Announces a New App Platform ‘Sodality’ to Help Non Profits, Religious and Membership Organizations to Engage, Raise and Grow with Their Members

OTS Solutions Released An Innovative Sodality App for Nonprofits

Sodality is an innovative app for nonprofits with powerful tools that meet the dynamic needs of nonprofit organizations, membership groups and religious organizations. The world-class features of the app allow these organizations to engage members in new and important ways. Best of all, Sodality can be a branded digital experience as a nonprofit management app, giving organizations the chance to harness their brand for continued growth and expansion.

Nonprofit organizations do important work all across the country, providing support and services where no one else will. Now, these organizations will have access to a little extra support to help them organize members, streamline donations and manage events. This support will come from the Sodality app, newly released by OTS Solutions.

The app has been developed by OTS Solutions, which is an established leader in digital technology consulting. While OTS Solutions has other apps on the market. This nonprofit application is specifically geared toward this unique group. Sodality may be a membership management app for nonprofit organizations, but it has all the power you would expect from a company of OTS Solutions caliber.

Specific tools within this nonprofit management app are geared toward the needs of such organizations. For example, Sodality provides event management. This nonprofit application can be used to create and promote new events. All interaction is fully branded with the client’s information for holistic user experience.

Moreover, this membership management app is perfect for organizations with multiple chapters. The connectivity of the app engenders smooth communication even when members are spread across a large geographic area. This improved communication can provide the necessary unity an organization needs to flourish.

There are also secure options for monetary transactions included in Sodality. Clients can use this nonprofit management app to safely collect donations through one-time use or recurring payments. Membership dues can also be collected via Sodality to improve the process for organizations and members alike.

Ultimately, Sodality can help nonprofit organizations, religious groups and other membership programs manage their daily operations with far more ease. This will improve the experience for members, which can make the brand more viable over time.

These benefits are all offered with support from development staff, who are on call to provide the necessary technical support for Sodality. Free demonstrations are available now.


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