Cloud Trends of 2019 Including Repatriation, Hybrid and Multi-Cloud

Cloud trends of 2019 including repatriation, hybrid and multi-cloud

Cloud Trends of 2019 Including Repatriation, Hybrid and Multi-Cloud

Cloud computing can have multiple benefits for your business. It can make remote and flexible work arrangements possible while maintaining communication and data integrity. Cloud computing helps keep your data safe from hackers and accidents on-site, and it can provide avenues for more efficient application development and use. As the capabilities of the cloud trends to grow, the ways you can leverage cloud computing to meet your business goals also increase. These are the cloud trends in 2019 that can help you meet your enterprise needs.


Although the rate of cloud computing use is over 60% for American businesses, some companies are starting to pull back their data from the cloud. You might find cheaper and more efficient ways of storing your data on-site rather than on a hosted cloud. Coinciding with the increase in hiring data scientists across industries, you likely have more employees able to create and host apps on site. Enterprise application development that is primarily static is often cheaper and gives you better control at your own business as well.

Hybrid Cloud Services

A growing trend includes the use and management of hybrid cloud arrangements, a mix of on-site and cloud utilization. Hybrid clouds can occur when you use cloud storage to backup your data rather than use it for development. You can maintain your application development on your local server and have a copy of your data on the cloud in case of data loss. Data recovery is the main drive behind the hybrid cloud. Some companies, such as Microsoft and VMware, are catching on to the integrated use of on-site and cloud arrangements by developing software that allows you to administer both simultaneously.

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Cloud-based Machine Learning

Your company needs to use machine learning technology to automate tasks and provide analysis for decision making. The increasing availability and advances in cloud-based machine learning tools for enterprise application development makes that easier. Especially with the integration of cognitive computing in the cloud, it is easier for your business to leverage machine learning without having to know the intricacies of the machine learning process, primarily algorithms. Save your business money without the need for hiring additional developers. If you have a more advanced team, you can use other machine learning platforms in the cloud to build more intricate models.

Multi-cloud Storage

A developing trend in 2019 is the trepidation of businesses to rely on one cloud to meet all of their storage needs. Cloud-based systems are fallible and open to attack. Thus, using multiple storage hosts helps you keep portions of your data safe if there is an attack on one cloud system. It also lets you shop around to find different cloud companies that fit your needs. Certain cloud-based systems can be more adept to handle specific types, functions or amounts of data. It also allows for ease of use and information transfers between different devices and applications.

Open Source Outlook

Look for the integration of open-source cloud platforms as the open-source data revolution finally catches up to large companies. With the recent acquisitions of open source clouds by major companies, these inexpensive options become more mainstream. Microsoft’s purchase of GitHub and IBM’s purchase of Red Hat situate you to be able to utilize open-source clouds with the management assistance of some of the biggest IT names. The cloud provides ways to streamline enterprise applications development by making collaboration easier on these platforms. The buyout of open source platforms also benefits you as these platforms get an increase in security measures.

Trends for cloud management in 2019 center on diversification and usability. With the integration of AI into more accessible cloud tools and the different ways to merge local administration with cloud computing, the way businesses interact with the cloud changes. These trends can help you find new ways to utilize the cloud for your business.

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