Wound Management Platform

Revolutionizing Healthcare with Advanced Wound Care Management


In the realm of modern healthcare, innovation is the lifeline. When our client, the renowned medical equipment company, sought to empower healthcare professionals with an advanced wound care management system, they turned to OTS for a game-changing solution. We crafted a responsive web application that adapts seamlessly to all screens, ensuring healthcare providers can access vital information anytime, anywhere.


At the heart of this innovation lies the Braden Scale algorithm, a testament to the power of AI and machine learning. This predictive algorithm assesses patients’ risk of pressure injuries and wounds, revolutionizing skin assessments. But our partnership with the client didn’t stop there; we customized the platform to cater to individual health professionals, allowing them to brand it with their logo and clinic name. Multiple risk assessment modules were seamlessly integrated, offering healthcare providers a flexible toolkit to enhance patient care. This dynamic application ensures that the client stays at the forefront of healthcare innovation, with OTS providing 24/7 support to keep the platform fine-tuned and ready for whatever challenges the medical world presents.

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