Telehealth Platform

Empowering Grief Support: Your Compassionate Companion on the Journey to Healing


In the journey of healing, our client emerged as a guiding light, determined to help individuals navigate the challenging path of grief. With a vision to provide a supportive platform, they partnered with OTS to transform their idea into reality. The result? A powerful web and mobile platform that connects users with compassionate, verified counselors, fostering strength and resilience through the grief journey.


At the heart of this innovative platform lies a robust mapping algorithm, a testament to the power of AI and machine learning. It intuitively assigns counselors to users based on their unique needs and responses, ensuring the most profound connection during the healing process. This empathetic space allows members to book appointments, engaging in one-on-one video/audio sessions with their assigned counselors. Furthermore, an in-app purchase option for session minutes provides flexibility, empowering members to choose the support that suits them best. Their commitment to member well-being is further exemplified by the mood tracker, allowing counselors to gauge and tailor their support, making the platform a beacon of hope and healing.

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