Dental Practice Franchise Management

Revolutionizing Dental Clinic Operations: Enhancing Patient Care and Cost Management


In the realm of dental healthcare, the client emerged as a technological boon. This web-based application, meticulously crafted by OTS, addressed the critical need for efficient procedure management across dental clinics. System administrators were empowered to seamlessly add, edit, and manage various dental procedures and their associated costs. Moreover, multiple dental clinic users could now collaborate within the system, enabling each clinic to tailor procedure costs to its specific needs.


However, the true brilliance of this system lies in its diagnostic capabilities. Dental clinic users were equipped with a comprehensive questionnaire that guided them through patient assessments. By harnessing the power of AI and machine learning, the system intelligently diagnosed dental issues, generated precise cost estimates, and recommended treatment sequences. This transformative technology not only simplified administrative tasks but also elevated the quality of patient care. Our client, powered by OTS’s expertise in AI and machine learning, heralded a new era in dental healthcare, streamlining operations and enhancing patient experiences.

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