Customer Collections & Retention Platform

Revolutionizing Customer Service: How One Company Transformed into an Industry Leader


In the realm of cable and broadband services, where efficient workflow management is crucial, our client, a leading provider, sought to transform its operations. With an extensive network of over 600 backend users and 350+ tech users spanning multiple regions, they needed a robust web-based and mobile platform to streamline their processes. However, they faced numerous challenges, including outdated technology stacks, slow feed processing, and an absence of critical audit and error logs.


Enter OTS, the technological powerhouse that revitalized client’s systems. OTS embarked on a comprehensive overhaul, updating the outdated technology stacks, optimizing performance, and enhancing system reliability. Leveraging their expertise, OTS introduced advanced audit and error logs, ensuring that production bugs were swiftly identified and addressed. Moreover, they migrated the server architecture to a more dependable AWS setup, providing scalability and resilience. The mobile application received a complete redesign with the latest IONIC technology stack, while automation was introduced for work order assignments during feed processes. This transformation, backed by OTS’s technological prowess, empowered the clientto elevate its customer retention and equipment recovery services, setting new standards in the industry.

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