AI Based Product Suggesting

Transforming Book Discovery: A Personalized Journey with Genie.


In the vast world of literature, where book choices seem endless, a global publishing giant, sought to revolutionize how readers discover their next literary adventure. Collaborating with OTS, they envisioned a dynamic web component that would harness the power of AI and machine learning to make book recommendations as unique as each reader. Thus, the Genie component was born, an innovative solution seamlessly integrated into their website.


This intelligent wizard poses thought-provoking questions to users, generating a personalized profile based on their responses. With the magic of AI, it then conjures book recommendations tailored to individual tastes and preferences. The backend not only provides an enchanting user experience but also equips administrators with tools to effortlessly manage questions, products, and categories. With the Genie component, client don’t just sell books; it offers readers a captivating journey of discovery, where AI and machine learning are the guiding stars illuminating the path to literary treasures.

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