Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is redefining the way workforce of future will perform tasks in an organization.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is changing the complete landscape on how humans and technology interact in performing business processes efficiently. It delivers significant cost savings and return of investments from anything between 30 – 100%. Businesses today are executing RPA as an important part of digital strategy with increased productivity and quality, enhancing customer experiences and business efficiencies.


RPA essentially are re-trainable software programs (bots) that can interact with your existing technology platforms and perform tasks that are mundane and repetitive automatically without a miss and least errors 24 x 7. These bots with time are already growing more and more intelligent for businesses and offer capabilities that will soon be difficult to match by humans. Some areas where OTS can help you with RPA services:

Bots Design

OTS helps assess and design the bots that help you automate the right processes and reduce the effort on mundane tasks saving the human workforce to perform more efficient and intelligent tasks in businesses.

Bot Creation & Deployment

OTS partners with industry leader platforms and carry a team of experts that helps businesses to create these bots specific to their needs and deploy them on required IT infrastructure on premise or over cloud.

Cognitive Automation

Intelligent automation is next wave of RPA that will help these bots to take more intelligent actions on basis of data that they process through their actions.

Digital Bots Monitoring

Digital workforce can scale very fast and needs to be managed and monitored for performing and improving with every day. OTS provides specialized RPA services to monitor RPA bots and optimizing them as needs change at business side.

Bots on Demand

RPA bots have started slowly becoming more common found in multiple processes and are now available literally on demand as your needs change and spike up.

RPA Analytics

Your digital workforce needs to continuously monitored to provide meaningful analytics to management to evaluate the return on investment and performance improvements.
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