Microsoft Sharepoint

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Microsoft Sharepoint helps teams / organizations share documents and information securely and most collaboratively.

Sharepoint 365 today offers complete integrated environment with your overall Office 365 investments by offering possibilities of small to large complex enterprise content management implementations. OTS uses Sharepoint 365 on cloud to create complex applications around Data and Documents by using the tools like web parts, workflow and form designers.


OTS has certified Microsoft Sharepoint developers that help our clients in understanding the need of using a unified enterprise content solution like Sharepoint 365 and suggesting complete solution roadmap.

OTS offers Microsoft Sharepoint setup, development and customization services to help you create beautiful internal and external collaboration spaces for your users.

Sharepoint 365 Consulting

OTS helps analyze the content and document needs of organization or teams suggesting them the use of Sharepoint and how can it be used to meet these needs.

Sharepoint 365 Implementation

With expert certified Sharepoint developers, OTS helps you customize and implement Sharepoint 365 integrated as needed with your teams and organization.

Sharepoint 365 Porting

OTS Solutions has worked with many clients helping them move from other collaboration platforms or on premise / private cloud Sharepoint installations to Sharepoint 365.

Sharepoint 365 Integrations

OTS Solutions is an expert in developer API of Sharepoint 365 and helps you in integrating with Sharepoint.

Sharepoint 365 Support

OTS Solutions provide efficient and 24 x 7 support services for your Sharepoint 365 implementations.


Web Based Online Banking Module

To develop web based secure solution that allows the Bank to review and approve the customer application and manage the transactions while allowing the user to experience the whole banking related transactions on the go.

Short Term Loan Management Web Application

The client had been using a desktop based solution from a 3rd party vendor which had numerous limitations and very less customization capabilities to suit the business needs of the staff and the management. Also, it forced the client to store all the financial figures on a database server that was not in control and can be compromised if required. Client was expanding with multiple stores and was looking for a centralized web based software that can be used at all their stores.


One of the biggest non-profit organizations in India having over 500 offices across the country needed a tool to manage the yearly budgets for the organization. Every year for their planning and budgeting activity, they receive over 100 complex excel sheets which have to be consolidated in a single sheet to show the top level budget requirements of the organization.

Insurance Automation & Management Application

Developing an online portal and internal system for insurance companies doing group insurance in South Africa. The application allows the complete insurance management for groups and providers.

Crowdfunding Platform

To create a web based Crowd Funding platform that will also work as white Label platform and will be modeled as a SAAS product.

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