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Key Benefits

Collaborating with OTS helps you with several advantages.

Quality Results

Our recruitment team always helps you with talented candidates. In our detailed recruitment process, we ensure the

Budget-Friendly Services

We will help you to hire the best full-time developer for your next project within your budget.

Customer Excellence

We have a strong customer base. OTS Solutions has been working for more than 20 years with different industries.

What OTS can do?

Why Hire Full Time Software Engineers?

Focused Resources on Demand

Our skillful and dedicated team of recruiters help you stay ahead of curve.

Scalable Projects

We can help you to scale your team based on your projects. We help you to find the best out of the best candidates.

Vetted Talent

Our technical panel screen and check tech skills of relevant candidates before they are sent for your interview process.

Frequent Reporting

We follow regular client feedback process and report back on progress with any challenges being faced by our recruiters.

Our Hiring Process

Let us understand how we are hiring the best applicant for you.

OTS understands the Job Description in detail, which type of resources you are looking for, what the targeted industry is, and at which level of candidate they are looking Junior, Senior, or Executive level.

We start our sourcing process from our database then we do sourcing from leading job boards such as Dice, Monster, CB, indeed, Zip-Recruiter, etc., and social media platforms like LinkedIn while receiving candidates from the job advertisement/posting.
After the successful validation from various portals, we start the submission process. We collect all required information from the candidate, prepare the submission per the format, and submit using VMS or direct emails to hiring managers.
If any candidate gets shortlisted, the hiring manager may inform OTS. Then we discuss the onboarding date and collect other information required for the verification process. If rejection happens, we push other qualified candidates for the same role.
We Advert jobs on various job boards and social media platforms to invite qualified applicants. We take care of your requirements. Before the job posting, we also refine the JD and match it with your acceptance criteria.

We validate the applicant’s experience, education, expertise, and immigration documents. We also match their experience with social profiles such as LinkedIn. OTS has an internal scoring mechanism to highlight matching scores for the selected candidates.

We check the consultants’ abilities based on the requirements. We start arranging interviews when the hiring manager shows interest. Then we successfully scheduled the interview with the selected applicants.
We onboard applicants on our payroll who will be outsourced during this process. We take care of most of the things required by the contractor to do the job for the client.

Contractual Full-Time Resources

We discuss job responsibilities, the number of workers needed, the timeline to hire new workers, etc. with our client.

Once we identify candidates, we review their experience, qualifications, job authorization, cultural fitment, etc., and then move with the best applicant(s) for the next step.
During the interview or before setting up any final round interview, we coordinate with our client if you want to give any assessments to the applicants.
OTS ensures a smooth resources onboarding process. OTS prefers to track their performances after the process. A designated OTS Account Manager always be available for any feedback or concerns.
We match requirements with our existing bench and contractors. If requirements are not met, then we put ads and job postings to fill those positions.
Once the candidate profile is submitted, OTS Account Manager coordinates with our client team to schedule a final interview with the candidate.
We look after all the paperwork associated with new hires, like contracts, taxes, other payroll, etc.

Once our clients onboard the resources, OTS sends timesheets for approvals for review promptly.

Working with the Top Full Time Developers

OTS helps its clients to hire top development talent in no time.

Hire Mobile App Developers

We find the best mobile app developers for your organization whose approach toward work & problem-solving methods coincide with you.

Hire Web Developers

Our applicants are well-versed with the latest tools and technologies in web development.

Hire Full-Stack Developers

Our applicants can work with CSS3, HTML, JavaScript, databases, and other crucial programming languages.

Hire Database Experts

Our applicants have exceptional problem-solving and communication skills.

Hire Cloud Experts

Our experts are curious and have a learning mindset with strong time management skills. They can make clear decisions.

Hire Full-Time Software Developers

Let us discuss your requirements in detail. Contact us today to hire from the best tech talent.