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Why is Contract-to-hire Model popular?

It offers countless benefits, including candidate assessment, filling temporary staffing gaps, flexibility, cost savings on recruitment and almost nil administrative overheads.

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Contract to hire model provides an alternative cost-effective solution. Companies can save time and money by hiring candidates on contract with no administrative, tax & payroll hassles.


Ensures a Good fit

Contract to hire model is a way to verify candidates’ on-the-job attitudes and if they fit into the company’s culture. Companies hire candidates on contract first and then may choose to hire direct once they are satisfied.


Attracts Top Talent

Organizations that adopt the contract-to-hire model have better access to top talent. It increases dynamic business environments and optimizes productivity.

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The contract-to-hire staffing model allows employers to find and evaluate potential employees before hiring them full-time.

Identifying Job Requirements

We understand the job duties, responsibilities, and other educational requirements that you are looking for in a candidate. Then we create a job post to attract potential candidates.

Screening the talent

We review resumes, schedule phone or video interviews, and assess candidates' qualifications. We ensure whether the candidate is a good fit.

Interviewing the talent

We engage the candidates in face-to-face or virtual interviews and discuss their qualifications in detail, job expectations, and work experiences.

Background check

We perform a solid background verification by cross-checking the work experience and other crucial details shared by the candidate in previous steps.


We document the terms and conditions for the position, including start date, compensation, benefits, and job expectations. This contract is signed by both parties.

Accept the Contract

Once the candidates accept the contract and start working with the company, they are evaluated throughout the contract period.

Direct Hire Vs. Contract Hire

Direct Hire Developers

Direct Hire

1. The hiring process is slower.
2. Long-term commitment
3. If the requirement is for a brief period, then hiring a permanent employee is not a good option.

contract to hire software engineer

Contract Hire

1.The hiring process is fast.
2. Short-term commitment
3. It works well to deal with uncertain workloads or if you want to hire someone for an abbreviated period.

Benefits of the Contract-to-Hire Model

The contract-to-Hire model comes with numerous benefits. Let us discuss them in detail.

Verify the employee's productivity.

Organizations can verify candidates' skills, work, ethics, and cultural fit before making a final decision.

Opportunity to test compatibility.

Employees can learn and decide whether the organization is a place where they want to work while still earning a salary. 

Advantages of a Flexible Workforce

Companies can meet their staffing needs without committing to long-term commitments.

Fast Recruitment

It helps employers to save time and expenses in their recruitment process.

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