Digital Assessment

Digital assessment done right evaluates the digital readiness of the organization assessing each process across all functions.

Businesses around the world are riding the digital technology wave to transform their businesses and improve efficiencies. Millennials and newer generations are continuously changing the way users of the modern world interact and connect with the products and brands they buy from. Information and Digital organizations at enterprises are feeling pushed to innovate with ideas that help them stay on edge and ahead in the curve of industry pressures.


OTS offers digital assessments of businesses with our process automation experts and analysts.

Current State & Affairs

OTS starts interviewing and observing key processes across the organization to evaluate the readiness and current state of affairs.

Process & Time Analysis

Detailed time analysis is conducted for the processes identified already functional in the organization, including the current workforce requirements.

Industry Benchmarking

OTS with its experience in working with different industry segments creates a detailed assessment and analysis study benchmarking with industry standard for processes.

Digital Readiness

OTS studies and provides organizational readiness for digital initiatives and transformation and makes clear assessments for processes evaluated and the ones benchmarked as per industry knowledge.


OTS provides roadmap to client helping them understand and create plan of action further for transforming the organization digitally and keep up with continuous improvements and optimization.

The Digital Assessment Journey


Converting analog/paper based information to file based, software based digital information stored on computers

Digital Optimization

Use of digital technology and information across silos and processes to enhance business operations, process efficiencies, productivity gains, leading to higher throughput or lower operation costs

Digital Optimization (Continuation)

Optimization can be an ongoing process, leading to more lean processes; efficiency gains; leading to higher profitability

Endless Journey





Digital Assessment Journey





Start of Journey

Process Digitization

Moving entire manual/paper-based processes to Software Application based processes, where data can be easily shared across apps

Start of Business Transformation

Digital Transformation

Use of digital technology and optimization to achieve one or more of the following: Changed Product offering, New Product offering, New Value added Services, Changed mode of business, Premium Services.

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