Why is India Chosen for Outsourcing I Phone App Development?

Phone App Development

Since its inception in 2008, download of games and applications from Apple’s online store has increased 15 billion times. These backs up the fact of upsurging requirement of developers. Especially for Apple’s I OS, Android and Blackberry demand for skilled programmers has raised and they are hired at a steep remuneration. This new boom in this particular platform has made India a potent player in outsourcing industry. Mobile Application development of is the latest trend in India’s outsourcing Industry. According to Elance, India is preferred by most clients, which makes her the largest outsourcing country for Application Development.

The primary reason why developers from India are preferred over other countries is because of the nominal rates they charge. The rates to hire an I Phone App Developer in US is $50 to $100 per hour. Whereas, the same application is developed in India at a fraction of that rate. Therefore, when the cost factor is taken into consideration, developers in India always tops the preference.

In addition to this, quality of service provided is no less than the best that are provided by developers in other countries. Indian mobile phone application development companies has a work force of highly skilled developers who are good to work with. Their communication skills are much better than that of their counterparts in other countries. A good knowledge of English makes Indian coders to understand what the client wants. They prove to be quite helpful in adding up further development in the process to their satisfaction.

Availability is the next reason that makes Indian programmers the preferable ones. There are no lack of good I phone App Development Outsourcing Companies in India that outsource from other countries. These ventures provide 27/7 service with no gap in communication.

I Phone Application Development is a surging trend for technology companies in India. This has yet to reach its saturation levels as demand for new Apps are still growing. However, the next boom has been already presumed. Indian ventures has already started to put the same attempt for Android Application Development. Outsourcing of this platform is expected to be the next boom for India.