Why Automated Software Testing Better Than Manual Testing

Automated Software Testing better than Manual Testing

Failures and problems in a software brings nothing but lost reputation to the developer. Therefore, while developing any software, small or massive, simple or complicated, a through and rigorous testing cannot be escaped. The process of software testing needs massive resources. Manual testing requires people, infrastructure, time and tools, on the other hand, automated testing might appear expensive for smaller enterprises. However, automated testing is beneficial with some of its striking aspects.

Testing is required in all stages of software development. It needs to tested for hardware compatibility, operating systems and also with compatibility with other interfaces. It is repeated on every modification of programing codes. Therefore, it becomes quite time consuming to repeatedly perform this manually. The best way is to apply manual test at early stages of development and find out the appropriate test strategy. Automated testing can be employed in latter stages speeding up the process.

Automated or Manual, both requires considerable assets, but there is no other alternative than this two to develop a sound and powerful software. What makes automated testing better is its time saving attribute. This testing can be performed repeatedly and rapidly on the test cases are created. What take weeks for manual testing can be accomplished within hours saving time and consequently saving money.

Automated testing is accurate and devoid of human error that might that might occur in manual testing. It is fast and reliable since it can execute complex cases with full accessibility to every facets inside the software. It can check databases, files, memory and internal contents of an application efficiently.

To develop a robust and efficient software, automated testing is a necessity. It increases effectiveness and efficiency of testing while shortening the time required for development. It reduces the production time and hence increases the software’s availability in the market. Automated software testing definitely provides a greater Return of Investment.