AI based Product Suggesting

In the vast world of literature, where book choices seem endless, a global publishing giant, sought to revolutionize how readers discover their next literary adventure. Collaborating with OTS, they envisioned a dynamic web component that would harness the power of AI and machine learning to make book recommendations as unique as each reader. Thus, the Genie component was born, an innovative solution seamlessly integrated into their website.

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Construction Workers Time Management

In the realm of staff and equipment utilization, where precise tracking and efficient reporting are paramount, an innovative solution emerges, tailored to the unique needs of the workforce. Developed by OTS, this dynamic application seamlessly integrates Active Directory (AD) authentication, ensuring secure and efficient access for all users. With AI and machine learning at its core, this app goes beyond conventional tracking systems.

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Adventure Tour Operator App

In the heart of adventure, where connectivity often dwindles to a mere whisper, this app emerges as a beacon of connection and safety. Conceived for intrepid travelers by a UK-based adventure tour organizer, this app defies the limitations of remote areas with its ingenious use of AI and machine learning.

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