SharePoint Online: Adding New Perspective To Your Enterprise

SharePoint Online

SharePoint has added substantial social features that will deliver much to the enterprise community. For any enterprise, small, medium, or big, collaboration among employees is a necessity. Especially in operational processes, the followup of teams and members is important. This creates an atmosphere of unity along with a platform for broad discussions on any issues within an enterprise. This is the general idea of how internal social communities of an enterprise could provide. In a more explicit way, internal forums and discussion pages could contribute to a smoother flow of business processes. Forums are of much help when it comes to the discussion of technical problems or process difficulties. Sharing of experience could solve many problems that are to be faced while operating a process.

The social features of SharePoint are added to the main navigation bar, highlighting their importance in enterprise management. Users can create and update their own Newsfeeds from the main navigation itself. Comments and posts could be targeted specifically to the public page or to a community page. Comments can be followed, liked, and can be responded to. The Microblogging feature adds a lot to enterprise users. They could post their viewpoints so that everyone may see and respond to the post. In Newsfeed, audio, video, links to documents and web links can be shared publicly. The SharePoint Newsfeed app allows users to use this feature from mobile devices such as Android Phones, I Pads, and Smart Phones.

Community sites and Community Portals are the other two important features. Community sites are where employees can gather in by becoming members. Information can be shared across the organization using this feature. The contents of a community site are available to all the member of the community. Workflows, instructions, and process details can be shared in this area. Therefore, this feature quickens the process of information sharing across the organization. Community Portals is the directory of community sites that are available within the enterprise intranet. Here, users can find, follow, or join communities of their interest.