SharePoint for Mobile Devices

As the internet has gone mobile with more users and still increasing rapidly, SharePoint 2013 is developed to be in sync with the user requirements of this platform. It is optimized to be used with complete functionality in mobile devices. New features are added to make it more productive. An enhanced browsing experience along with essential business tools such as business intelligence is brought into the mobile platform. Now, it is possible to carry out business operations from Cell Phones, I Pads and other mobile devices efficiently using SharePoint 2013. This platform is also made secure through the implementation of the multilevel security infrastructure.

SharePoint 2013 introduces there mode of internet surfing. The Contemporary View is optimized for enhanced browsing experience. It supports HTML 5 and is compatible with the latest browsers such as Internet Explorer 9.0 for Windows phones and Safari 4.0 for iPhones. For Android devices, it supports android browsers. For devices that are not compatible with this new contemporary view, it would run in Classic View Mode. This mode supports HTML and other markup languages. Smart Phones can run the full-screen view mode that provide desktop view of SharePoint.

For business intelligence tools, SharePoint 2013 enables users to access dashboard tools and content. Applications such as Performance Point reports, scorecards, and Excel Services can be access with full functionality in any mobile platform. You may work from anywhere in Microsoft SharePoint if you have the mobile device connected to the web.

Now, mobile users of SharePoint would receive push notifications on site updates and events on SharePoint. Users are enabled to write event handler codes once they register their mobile devices with a SharePoint Site. Notifications are received by a user on every event in SharePoint from the server where the application is hosted.

With SharePoint 2013, enterprise applications have reached a new level. They can be accessed without standard hardware such as a computer. As SharePoint 2013 is hoisted completely in the Cloud domain, any mobile device could access it with full functionality.