Planning a Research & Development Team for your Software Product

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Getting Ready to Launch a New Software Product in the New Year? Here’s How to Form Your Research and Development Team

When you’re in the software development industry, you know that getting your product to market is one of the most important initiatives for being successful and making money. But if you’re product rushes to market too quickly, you’ll lose money in the end. That’s why it’s so important to plan with your software product development team. If you’re among the many technology startups in NYC who are looking for tips on how to find the balance between getting a product to market and doing it in the right amount of time, read on to learn our top three tips for getting there.

Tip #1: Set Small Goals that Lead to Big Ones

When you are planning for a software launch, your software product development team members must all be on the same page about the goals at hand. Set your goals too lofty and no one knows what to do. That’s why it’s a good idea to set small yet strategic goals that build on one another and point to a set of larger goals. Your team will feel more motivated — and they will be more specific and pointed in the execution of those goals.

Tip #2: You Hold Team Members to Their Duties

There are many moving parts on a software development team — with many members in different roles. You have project managers and engineers and designers. Make sure each member knows his or her role and duties. When you set a deadline for something to be done and that team member agrees to it, there need to be consequences if it doesn’t happen. Missing a deadline can be major money and hold up the software launch. You need accountable and smart people on your team.

Tip #3: Select the Best You Can Get

When it comes to software development, you need really bright people on your team. So try to hire the very brightest and creative people you can. You bring engineers who can build the software and work out its quirks. You need a really great project manager who exhibits great leadership skills and organizational skills. You also need a team that works well together. Sometimes fit matters a lot more than experience — but it’s important to know when you can let one go a little more for the other. In the end, you want to put out the very best software product for your consumers, so you need team members on the side of the software from day one until the day the project launches.

Many Technology startups in NYC are a bit mysterious in their tactics for planning the initiatives of their R&D teams. But the more the collective group can share, the better we are together — and hopefully, the better our products will be in the end. It may be even wiser to hire a consulting group or company that focuses on startups to help setup a great R&D team together and work on development cycles for the product. Good luck, and let the research begin!