New Mobile Application and its Integration to Your Existing System and Network

Mobile App Development Industry

With increased penetration of eCommerce, more and more organizations are investing in new mobile applications. In addition to this as a tool to enable its customers to do transactions by using mobile, it has become a platform for communication, advertisement, and a medium to generate more traffic. The huge potential of commerce through mobile applications are forcing companies to lure customer with freebies and discounts to use their mobile application platform.

There are eCommerce companies that have their own development team, but the outsourcing of mobile application development to the specialist is the common industry trend. There are a number of options for the outsourcing of mobile application development like offshore development, development through local companies, availing service of freelancers, joint development involving the company, and outsourcing team.

Integration with existing System

The important thing company needs to consider while designing the mobile application is its integration with the existing system. Changing the backbone system of the company to adjust to the mobile application platform is not commercially viable. Hence, the new mobile application has to be fully integrated with the existing system. While configuring additional and new features should be easily managed by the existing system.

It is also important that the mobile application development team needs priority applications for different operating systems like android, apple iOS, and blackberry. Considering its popularity and penetration android apps development should be the first delivery task followed by iPhone application development. It is also important that the mobile application is finally released for all platforms to cover the entire mobile handset population.

The security level and threats differ from operating system to system. Companies need to invest more in mobile application security to avoid possible frauds and security breaks. Rigorous testing is another key activity company needs to perform to assess the processing power, security, and reliability of the mobile applications delivered by the developer. Android mobile applications and iPhone mobile applications have to be separately tested by the vendor, client, and experts if required.

The first challenge of a company and a mobile application developer is how quickly and effectively integrate the existing infrastructure to the new mobile application development minimizing the changes in the core back-end system.