Mobile Business Intelligence: Powering Up Enterprise Analytic

Mobile Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence has been an important part of a good ROI in any business. Enterprises have no other way but to invest a good amount in knowing the prospect of their business itself. A reason for this is the increasing critical scenario of the market with competitive products and complicated customers. This arises the need for a more practical and efficient business analytic system. Software and other business intelligence applications such as SharePoint have made this process much advanced and dynamic than before. Most recently, bringing BI to the Mobile Platform has rendered great efficiency to this process.

The Mobile Platform BI was not an exact strategy. It was rather due to the BYOD trend that boosted the use of Mobile Devices such as I Pads for business operations. However, integrating BI into this platform is not a coincidence, since, it was an evident fallout.

The mobile applicability of BI has made greater accessibility to data and information. Using analytic tools in devices such as I Pads and Smart Phones makes market information handier. This enables the sales force to access data more frequently and timely.

This new platform eases the need for maintenance of large hardware and applications. Such necessities often become a risk itself as they require extra attention, time, and resources. Bringing BI to the mobile platform abates such a scenario. It has made the system easy and user friendly adding more functionality and mobility.

Mobile devices are though to have security vulnerabilities. However, with the right steps taken such threats may be abandoned. Virtual Private Network(VPN) could be deployed in each device that can be accessed only through a proper authorization. The software application could be installed in the devices that can erase and destroy any data if reported a device is reported lost or damaged.

Most of the important BI applications work efficiently in Mobile Devices. Powerful application frameworks such as SharePoint are developed to be compatible with these devices. Data Mapping is convenient and easy in mobile devices. Any application that may not run properly in these devices could be used with plugins and customized set up.

Conclusively, using Mobile devices for Business Intelligence is expected to bring more ROI. This reduces the cost of hardware maintenance and infrastructure investment. This makes the process more agile and effective.