Microsoft Dynamics CRM-Dynamic in Every Sense

CRM in Retail

Microsoft Dynamics CRM happens to be customer relationship management software that does many amazing things for its user. A relationship with a customer is very crucial for a seller and this software only helps to make things better.

An application from a renowned name such as Microsoft is measured on parameters of more than one. Microsoft Dynamics CRM software was launched in the year 2003 and it has exceeded expectations since then. This software can be regarded as many things like it is a business solution for the firms as it helps in driving sales productivity via campaign management and social insights on the cloud or on-premises.

It has to be noted that the main focus of Microsoft dynamic CRM lies in marketing, sales, and help desk sectors. Many advantages can be associated with this software from the house of Microsoft and some of them are listed further. CRM is an application that can be used via all the internet browsers and of course Outlook. One of the good things about this software is that it brings together Outlook in a single interface so that all the CRM processes can be accessed at one time. It also helps in managing emails.

As mentioned earlier, CRM can be accessed via internet browsers and is also available as a mobile application which makes it more profitable because it can be accessed from anywhere and everywhere. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is quite profitable in the sense that it helps in reducing the overall processing expenses by its simple tools such as workflows, enable forms, and reports. The requirement to custom code is also quite minimal when it comes to Microsoft dynamic CRM and data maintenance is also very much simplified.

This particular software has been updated several times over the years and its latest version arrived in the market in the month of September 2014 by the name of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015. It is a good thing to note that with every new version Microsoft has made sure to update the application and make it even more effective and user friendly. As per the sources the latest version of the software has around 40,000 customers. Keeping a track of the overall sales of goods and services has been simplified with CRM and so has the process of maintaining customer relationships. Each and every company, big or small can definitely benefit from this particular software and thus it has been gaining a lot of publicity and popularity.