Latest Trend In Java 8

The influence of Java can be perceived from its wide application from electronics to software development. This technology is evolving with time being used in an increasing number of applications day by day. As technology is progressive with new emerging trends like Cloud Application, Mobile platforms, using highly critical systems, Java development is also in its way of change. In fact, it is less what it was a decade before being optimized to be more powerful and versatile and  it also has lots of advantages.

The JavaScript Engine

Java 8 is updated with latest up-gradations to cope up with emerging technologies. In web development, the latest version of HTML 5 has renewed developer’s vigor for using it. JavaScript has become so popular that without it the idea web development seems to be archaic. Java had to give importance to this fact. Hence, the latest version of JDK8 has an inbuilt functionality for JavaScript called Nashorn. It is a highly efficient engine for JavaScript that is integrated with this kit.

Spring Support

In the latest version of Java, the Spring Framework has provided an integration of support for many features. Spring 4 framework with its up-gradations has included support for lambda expressions, JSR-310, parameter name discovery, repeatable annotation and date and time functions. Therefore, for developers for whom Spring Framework is favorite, this new version is sure to be a tempting one.

Made for NextGen Devices

The new Java 8 is made for the latest gadgets and processors. It would run with full functionality with embedded ARM processor devices. This new version is fully compatible with devices like Lego Mindstorms EV3, Rapsberry Pi and Pandaboard.


Some substantial improvements in interface are added in the new version of Java. It is enabled now to define specific methods like static and default methods. Many default methods are added to the interface. On the other hand, the interface can now define selected abstract methods like the lambda expressions.