Important Points For Protecting Android Device From Malware

Important Points For Protecting Android Device From Malware

This write-up will throw light on how to recognize questionable apps by applying simple techniques, which were used to identify poor rendering logos, pixelated, spelling mistakes, and unmatched publisher names.

Protecting your Android smartphone or tablets from malware attracts should be of primary concern, if you are an Android user. As the latest research suggested that almost 80% of Android phones used by us are unprotected, even if it hasn’t been affected, it is likely to be affected due to the increasing cyber crime activities.

Follow the steps below to secure your device:

Trust only trusted sources to download the apps- Download apps from the Google Pay Store as this is the official app distribution channel. They scan the app regularly to detect and remove malicious code and malware apps. Also, be aware that such illegal activities come from third-party sites and should be avoided.

Say no to side-loading

Slide-loading disables the Android security. Look for APK files with .apk extension for downloading and running. Use Google Play Store to load an app and be alert, if any source offers a paid app for free.

Look for fake apps

Seek for mismatched publisher names, spelling mistakes, pixelated, and poorly rendering logos in order to identify fake apps. It is therefore, better to do a Google search based on the labeled publisher to measure the app’s validity.

Install anti-virus app software- Install security software for Android. Vendors, like Norton and AVG provide anti-virus software for Android too. Such software’s helps in detecting any spyware, virus or malware in your tablet or smartphone.

Question apps that don’t do, what it ought to do- Before you download a particular app, read its reviews in the Google Play Store. The app should do, what is indicated to do and if any app request your email id that could be an annoying source of sending promotional mails.

Hence, next time you download an app, be sure to follow all the above mentioned steps in order to protect your device.

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