How to Choose a Best Silverlight Development Company

Microsoft Silverlight

Here are The Tips to Choose a Best Silverlight Development Company

Silverlight is basically a web application development framework. It is widely recommended by many software experts for assimilation of animation, graphics as well as multimedia. There are large numbers of Silverlight development company across the world known for designing best application development. This doesn’t mean that one can hire anyone among them with closed eyes.

While hiring any company, the first thing that came in the mind of any person is how to choose a best Silverlight Development company. There are few factors that must be considered before hiring any company in this field. Some of them are:

Whether outsource the project or not

This is the very first decision that one has to take before going for any Silverlight application development. Outsourcing probably has lots of benefits and thus going for it is not a bad decision. One can save huge sum of money as well by outsourcing the projects to other countries. As in countries like India the Silverlight development is accelerating the top rage, so outsourcing the projects to such countries is always better.

Ask for the testimonials

If you are hiring any company or any individual professional for the completion of the project, it is always better to ask them for the testimonials. Testimonials are basically a kind of feedback given to the company or freelance professionals by their previous clients. This is something that can help in knowing the quality of work a company offers.

It is considered as one of the easiest ways to choose a company in this field. Almost all the companies have testimonials and they can easily be demanded from the company.

Compare time limit and cost of different companies

Because Silverlight app development is expensive as compare to any other app development, so it is necessary to know which company offers you the best quality work at a better price and within the time limit. Obviously you have to pay more if time spend on the project is more. Thus it is better to hire a company after comparing the project cost with the cost of other companies.

It is also better to set your budget before hiring any company. Sometime what happen is that last minute changes are to be made in the application and for that extra cost is required. Set your budget accordingly.

Know the version of Silverlight

While hiring any company for the application development, it is always a well decision to know the version of this framework a company use. Basically Silverlight is having five versions in the market now a day. Try to have a company that uses the latest version of the same for completing your project.

Why prefer Silverlight for application development

Following are the best reason that why one has to go for this framework to complete the development of applications:

  • Beneficial for development as well as design
  • Easily availability of developers all over the world
  • Compatibility with large number of devices as well as browsers
  • Cost effective
  • Less effort, time as well as cost
  • Controls that are extensible
  • Pixel Shader APIs (available in latest version of this framework)
  • Increase the loading time required by applications