How Mobile Applications & Commerce Will Define The Market in 2015

How Mobile Applications & Commerce Will Define The Market in 2015

With the rising number of mobiles being used in the market today, the growth of mobile apps has been a foregone conclusions. These mobile applications are often developed in tandem with tablet apps, giving them an ever widening reach.

The relationship between mobile applications & commerceis being increasingly recognized. Apps are very good at driving commercial activity, even when they are absolutely free. This is because apps are one of the best means of driving traffic and providing specialized customer service.

Some areas where mobile applications & commerce come together are:

 Financial services:

This includes consultancies, brokerages and banks. Mobile apps are instrumental in this area and almost every company today has one of its own. For bank customers it provides an easy access to their accounts, the ability to perform and check on their transactions smoothly. Many banks have also added communication capabilities, making the app even more personal.

Brokerages and financial consultancies’ apps offer similar advantages. Daily trading and stock quotes have never been so easily accessible with customers’ checking in from anyplace and anytime!


The retail sector may have been a bit late to exploit the connection between mobile applications & commerce, but it is now among its biggest users. Apps are instrumental in accessing services and sales on the fly. They provide easy access and personalized services. For the company, it is also a useful tool for information gathering and an easy advertising tool.


It may not be a strictly commercial field, but given its giant size and amazing graph of app development, the gaming industry’s commercial impact cannot be ignored. Apps have been and still are the lifeblood of the gaming industry. For these companies, their entire commercial plan depends on the success of their plan.

Gaming apps are also one of those few apps that can be commercially exploited on their own with many paid apps used worldwide today. Most gaming apps start off as free apps to create user awareness and interest. The apps are generally free up to one level with fee charged for advanced levels or special add-ons.

Information services:

After dedicated phone lines, information companies are now driven by specialized apps. These apps are used to distribute news, contact information, traffic updates, transport service availability and much more. In fact, apps have revolutionized the information industry. People can now access information on almost any subject instantly –– from restaurant menu to bus routes. It has also given them access to specialized services.

Service Industry:

With its many benefits and advantageous relationship, the service industry has also been quick to join the mobile applications & commerce bandwagon. A number of services have now specialized with apps –– from accounting, organisation to health care apps.

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