How Microsoft Silverlight Make Web Applications Better

Microsoft Silverlight

How Microsoft Silverlight Make Web Applications Better

For flawless running of applications in web, Microsoft Silverlight is a rich framework that has the ability to change your outlook to Internet Applications. If you are trying to integrate rich applications to be used across all popular platforms in the internet, this application framework from Microsoft will be the best to use. This framework has already become the beloved one among high profile Mega Corps. It was used for video streaming in 2008 Beijing Olympics and 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. It is also used by NBC and Netflix.

Silverlight is gaining popularity because of its structured implementation and versatile nature. This has the capability to invigorate your innovations and employ it to your use. We have point out some crucial aspects that makes this framework better than others.

This Framework for web applications executes .NET codes without .NET Runtime. This speeds up its performance and gets you flawless graphic intensive visualizations. This is also due to fact that it interprets XAML directly. It can give the experience of desktop in the browser itself.

Video and Media effects, that cannot be accomplished by HTML, J Query or AdobeFlash can be generated excellently in Silverlight. It provides options for multicasting, editing, video brushing and many other options. Advanced online game development using this web framework is superb.

One impeccable facet is, it can be used in interactive platforms. It can be integrated with multiple devices like cams, printers or scanners without any interruption from the browser. Even if browsers does not support these external interaction, using this everything becomes easy.

Online frameworks are often browser and machine specific, but Microsoft Silverlight framework is versatile. It is compatible over cross platform OS and devices like Windows Phones. It is compatible with all recent browsers. As it is build on .NET Runtime, it also supports multiple languages like C# and Visual Basic.

This can be used offline as data are processed locally. It is also secure because local files can be accessed from locations specific to the applications.

Silverlight can be of much use if you need to power up your website in a multidimensional way. It can be of much use for online businesses as it surpasses the limitations of traditional HTML and JavaScript.

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