Guidance for Hiring iPhone Developers India

Hiring iPhone Developers

India is a country with more than 1.22 billion people, still it is not an easy to hiring iPhone developers

Due to growing companies, there is a stiff competition between them and pressure to the best software at the low and the competitive price. There is no shortage graduate of people moving to BPO and IT firms, but it is not easy to find talented people with 2-5 years of experience. These people are the right primal to do the IT works. Here are some tips to hiring iphone developers.

Difficulties to find the right Talent:

To search the good iPhone developers, there are many options available to the company HR’s:

  • Online Job portals like, etc.
  • Placement Agencies
  • Employment database
  • Advertisements on Internet and newspapers

However, Hiring an iPhone developers in India is not an easy task, there are following reasons for it:

  • Competition to give the product at the lowest price.
  • An average IT graduate do not get salary more than $100 USD for first 6 months, which is not even enough to afford the transportation.  So many IT graduate switches to BPO where they get handsome salary right from the beginning.
  • Education system in India, where the subject and the books did not change from last decade. Even though, the technology and the requirement is drastically changing each and everyday.
  • Lack of practical knowledge in the fresh graduates.
  • Lack of job security.

Qualities that you should go for:

Apple has consistently improved their operating system iOS for the devices especially for iPhone and iPad. After the launch of Software Development Kit in March 6, 2008. After this it become very popular among app developers to make applications for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, as well as test them in an “iPhone simulator”.

iPhone is the fastest growing mobile platform , due to its various capabilities of mobile phone, iPad , camera and internet combined in the singe magic box.

  • The developer should keep them updated with the latest development and coding tools available, so they can provide the superior quality application for the clients.
  • They should always keep the eyes on the the latest market releases in the Apple market (itunes).
  • To shine among the stars, the developer should have a creative thinking to see something out of the box and differentiate their application from the competitor’s applications.
  • Must have a analytical thinking which always requires a logical mind. They should place themselves in the client’s shoes to target the users to analyses their need and the requirements.
  • Progressive thinking will never let you down in the present as well as the future synario. The best iPhone geeks always look ahead to learn new and the best technology which help their mind to illuminate the idea and they always find out something extra ordinary.

Various categories of applications available in the market are :

  • Calculate
  • Entertainment
  • Games
  • News
  • Productivity
  • Search Tools
  • Social Networking
  • Sports
  • Travel
  • Utilities
  • Weather
  • VoIP based application for calling

Your iPhone developer should have thorough understanding about the above categories in the market and should correctly know the best application on each.

Things that you should expect from your iPhone developer:

1. Should understand your business need:

For your iPhone team to should understand what your client wants from your company. If they don’t understand the business and the requirement, the chances are less that that they build the type of app that you want.

For example:

suppose if you have a project of online magazine development then you should make sure that the programmer properly understand the scope and give you what you want from him.

2. Provide a  app that is up to date:

These days the apps and the game experience is more interactive and functional , and using rapidly moving technology you can make sure you can get more customer using the Internet. Most of the games and apps use the feature where social networking feature is added and banner ads are included, which in turn make more money from your customers.

3. On time delivery and in budget:

The programmer should be reliable and should understand his responsibilities. They should have no trouble to quote the correct price and the time. They should know exactly what you need and how long will it take to create it. There are many hurdles that come on the way, but they should be committed to deliver the project on the time.

4. Provide post-delivery support:

The programmer should give post-delivery support if there are any bugs due to the error. If you have any bug in the app then the programmer should take full responsibility and correct it.

5.  Well documented code:

The programmer should provide the well documented code so if client wants to launch a new version so their app it should not be a difficult job.

If your programmer can’t provide these things to your business, then you should look for a new one. Otherwise you’ll end up disappointing your client and affect your business.

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