Google’s Mirror API Help Build App For Glass, Even If You Don’t Have Glass

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Google’s Mirror API Help Build App For Glass, Even If You Don’t Have Glass

Google is rumored to consumer launch its Glass by the first quarter of the next year. And, if you are a developer, who wish to build apps for the Glass then you can access the API platform without even owning a pair.

Google is now approaching the developers in two fronts, namely the Glass Development Kit and Glass Mirror API. Glass Development Kit was launched last week in New York and San Francisco. This is for the apps that want real time access to the Glass hardware and wish to display information outside the card interface. Where else, the Glass Mirror API was launched this weekend to pull in a large number of developers into building an application for Glass. The later allows, asynchronous push and pull of information from the device to display it on the card-like interface and works brilliantly on social networking sites and news apps.

Glass Mirror API is the cloud based technology that allows development and design of Glassware apps and web based services. It assists in managing the content display of users, interact with the menu items, work with the user, and send notifications.

This is a welcome step from Google, as the APIs will now be available to more number of developers. Hence, one can expect additional apps, robust platforms, and secure apps, once the Glass lands up on the retail shelves.

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